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We all want to be able to help friends and loved ones in need.  When you donate to the Merritt & District Hospice Society, you help people, many of whom may be your friends, neighbours and loved ones.

To make a donation, please mail your cheque to:

Merritt & District Hospice Society
3451 Voght St.
Merritt, BC
V1K 1C6

All donations over $20.00 are eligible for an income tax receipt.
At this time, donations cannot be made on line.

Our sincerest thanks for your support.

Interested in Joining the Society?

Each membership that we sign up enables the Society to apply for more grants and funding. Funding agencies such as the BC Policy and Enforcement Branch – Licensing and Grants Division award grants to those nonprofit societies and associations that have a strong membership supporting them. Attending meetings is not a requirement of membership, except for the annual general meeting. We will not be asking you for more monies. By submitting the Membership Form below, we will contact you by phone or email to ask if you would like to participate in our programs and/or special events. Your membership is a way of showing support of Hospice and Palliative Care in Merritt.

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The Merritt & District Hospice Program is generously supported by: